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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Betrayal by Lee Nichols

BETRAYAL (Haunting Emma, #2) by Lee Nichols
Pub. Date: March 2011
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Format: Paperback, 288pp
Age Range: Young Adult
Source: Publisher (ARC)

Emma Vaile is the most powerful ghostkeeper in centuries. Which is great when she's battling the wraith-master Neos, but terrible when she's flirting with fellow ghostkeeper (and soul mate) Bennett. When ghostkeepers fall in love, the weaker one loses all power, and that's not something Bennett can handle. Heartbroken and alone, Emma tries to lose herself in school with fellow ghostkeeper, Natalie. When a new team of ghostkeepers arrive-one a snarky teen boy, the other a British scholar-Emma finds solace in training for the battle against Neos. But as the team grows stronger, they are threatened by an unknown force. One they thought was good.

As chilling and page-turning as Deception, this sequel will grab readers and hold them to the last page. No one is safe from suspicion as Emma closes in on the traitor

BETRAYAL takes readers deeper into Emma's ghost keeping world as we find out more about her powers and past ancestors. As much as Emma longs to lead a normal life and be with heart throb Bennett, unfortunately danger keeps them apart. With her loved ones lives on the line, Emma has to quickly master her abilities since she seems to be the only one who can defeat her nemesis.

It didn't take me long to eat up the pages in Emma's ghostly world. I continue to be fascinated and surprised with the different abilities that each ghost keeper has. As Emma comes more into her powers, her foes will stop at nothing to defeat her. And if she hasn't enough to worry about with the events that happened in the first installment, she has to constantly watch her back for betrayal. There never seems to be a slow moment in Emma's life and that's one of the things I enjoyed so much about this book. You never know what's going to happen. I enjoyed the new character's that are thrown into Emma's life. They made one great team.

This is one ghost series that I can't get enough of. I can only wonder what Nichols will throw at her readers next. I for one am thrilled that I get a chance to see more of this exciting cast of characters...ghosts included.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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  1. I've always loved a good paranormals and this is a great one. Thank you for this review. Keep up the good work.

  2. i have a book question!!! my boyfriend is obsessed with finding this one book, but he forgot the title of it. He said the cover had a glowing red stone/jewel on a black background, and it was probably sitting on a bit of grass. It was about fairies and magpies and all those fantasy creatures. the main character was a girl and he claims the book was about 400-500 pages. help?
    email me what you think?


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