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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review: Alpha by Rachel Vincent

ALPHA (Shifters Series #6) by Rachel Vincent
Pub. Date: October 2010
Publisher: Mira
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 472pp
Series: Shifters Series , #6


The unscrupulous new Council chair has charged Jace, Marc and me with trespassing, kidnapping, murder and treason. Yeah, we've been busy. But now it's time to take justice into our own hands. We must avenge my brother's death and carve out the rot at the heart of the Council.

It's not going to be easy, and loss seems unavoidable, but I have promised to protect my Pride, no matter what. With a target on my back and Marc at my side, I'm heading for a final showdown that can—that will—change everything forever. A showdown I'm not sure I'm ready for.

But life never waits until you're ready.
So it’s come down to this…THE END

ALPHA is the last book in this mind-blowing series and I’m so so sad to see this series end. I can’t talk about ALPHA without giving praise to the other books that led up to this final installment. This series has become one of my favorites - let's just say it's in the top 3. I remember when I first started this series.  After I read the excerpt of STRAY online, I was hooked and it only got better from there.

I purchased STRAY & ROGUE together, so I kind of started this series when it was new. I grew to love this series and the characters as if they were real. It’s unbelievable to get to experience the growth of the characters in this series and the growth of the author’s writing. With each book that I devoured, I felt that much closer to the characters. This series took me through so much. This is a testament to Rachel’s writing that I laughed, got angry, and balled my eyes out with this series. Is it wrong for me to not want this series to end? I’ve become that attached to these characters. I think Rachel could do a spinoff in the Shifter world. I’m just saying.

I didn’t know what to expect coming into reading ALPHA, oh I had some guesses but I could have never predicted the pain that it would cause me to actually read this book. Faythe and her Pride have been through so much and I couldn’t wait to see some payback. Not to mention what us Shifter fans have been on pins and needles waiting for: Who will Faythe pick? Will it be Marc or Jace? My heart went out to both of the men vying for Faythe’s love. In the end, I couldn’t have agreed more and that’s all I’m going to say on that. Rachel did a fantastic job and even I didn’t know who she would end up with. Both of these men are great in their own way.

The outcome of the events from the previous novel that led up to the oncoming war was brutal. I didn’t see it coming. The surprises and twists kept knocking me off my feet. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast, plot, or ending. I could go on and on about this series but all I can say is, if you have not read this series, you don’t know what you are missing. This series has everything: Action, Romance, Suspense, Humor, and the best Shapeshifting cast I’ve ever read about.

Brava to Rachel for creating an unforgettable series! I’m going to miss it!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


  1. Great review! I'm going to miss the series as well, but at least it went out with a bang!

  2. There is sooooo much room for a spin off of even a continuation. She also do another YA series with Kacie as the hero!

  3. I totally agree Frankie on both counts!

  4. Okay, I skimmed the beginning of the review because I haven't read any of the series. I guess I really should. Thanks.


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