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Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Chatter (10): Favorite Paranormal Creature

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Favorite Paranormal Creature

Vampires, Werevolves, and Faeries...Oh My! Well, I guess you could say that if you enjoy reading books with paranormal elements. Anything supernatural fascinates me and as you know, my blog is all about the SUPERNATURAL. Some of my friends don't particularly like this genre and just doesn't understand why these paranormal creatures intrigue me. When asked, I say, "Don't knock it until you try it."

There are so many mythical creatures in the fantasy world and I'm just dying for authors to take a step outside of the norm and give readers something new. But until then, I'll just be happy reading about the different spins on vampires, werewolves, fairies, and angels. With that said, how do we decide which supernatural creature is our favorite? What is it that makes these creatures so alluring? I'll start by sharing which creatures are my favorite and why.

These are my top favorite paranormal creatures. Although there are others that I’m beginning to enjoy reading about, such as ghosts and dragons but the following are by far my favorites:

1. Vampires
2. Werewolves
3. Faeries
4. Angels

As you can see, my list is filled with the traditional supernatural creatures. I think that society has a fascination with some of these creatures for the same reasons. I am particualarly attracted to the otherworldly beauty that they possess. The immortality factor or eternal youth as you might call it, calls to my inner youth of staying young and fresh. These creatures also exude power and strength, not to mention there is a sensual side to them when it comes to how they seduce mortals with their glamours or prowess or what not. One of the biggest attributes that I love about these creatures is their dualities - one moment they can be dark and dangereous and the next, a brooding hero of damsels in distress. I can’t get enough of them!

So, I've told you mine, now tell me yours. Which supernatural creature(s) is your favorite and why?


Winner will receive his/her choice of book of character that they would like to meet - pre-orders included!
Rules: 1 Winner! 

Please fill out this FORM!

Contest ends @ 11:59pm (CST) October 17, 2011. US & Canadian Residents only.


  1. Hm ... I have a thing for shifters I just love how they can represent sso many different things1

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ammy Belle

  2. I've always been a werewolf girl but with the new paranormal species coming out I've been getting more attached to the Fey.

  3. oooooo my top are:


    Awesome post (:

    Haley @

  4. Faeries and Storks top my list right now. Faeries are creepy, and Storks are just kinda awesome (and different).

  5. Naturally I love vampires and fey but I'm really loving dragons lately. There just doesn't seem to be enough of them in fiction.

  6. I can't get enough of vampires but I also love to read about Werewolves and witches.. I have always been in love with witches and reading about them..

  7. My favorite are shifters because they don't have to drink blood ick and they mate for life and are long lived, strong, and the ones I really can fly. I want to be a dragon shifter lol. But I love all shifters so that is my top one right now.
    The fey and angels are a close second.

  8. For some weird reason I don't like vampires O.O I'm not scared or anything but, if I hear a book or a movies has vampires in it I just won't read it :/

    I'm Totally Team Werewolf though! I LOOOOOOOVE werewolf book and such :D

  9. I am a big fan of Fairies! They are so tricky! I love the idea that they are so clever and I love that words mean so much to them.

  10. Werewolves and witches. Werewolves can be just sexy, without being undead. And even though you didn't ask, my least favorite is zombies.

  11. I've always been a big fan of the fey! I just can't stop reading about them... :)

  12. I love vampires always been my favorite! I never get sick of reading about them. I do love to read about others too werewolves, shifters so many good ones. Thanks for sharing!


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