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Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Chatter (4): Hard copies vs eBooks

Pull up a chair, relax, and let’s discuss the wonderful world of books.

Do you enjoy discussing anything and everything pertaining to books? YES!

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Every week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on various book topics and offering prizes that pertain to the topic at hand. That’s not all – You will get to choose the weekly topic by voting on which topic to discuss for the following week. You will also be able to suggest topics by clicking on this FORM.

Hard Copies vs. eBooks

If you are a book lover like me, I’m sure at one point or another that you’ve amassed a certain amount of books and have run out of shelf space.  Facing such a dilemma, you either find more shelf space or come up with an alternative such as the eBook.  More and more eBooks are available for download today as technology and publishing companies try to find more ways to connect with their readers plus eBooks are cost effective.

Here’s a quick comparison of the benefits of having the different formats

Hard Copy
sentimental value
quicker to search
feel of the book
available on various platforms
cheaper than an eReader
less expensive
no strain on eyes
environmentally friendly

I honestly don’t care for one format over the other; it just depends on the situation. For instance, my mother and I like the same books. So instead of buying two copies, I buy an eBook so that we can share via Kindle.  If you want to know why we don’t just borrow, it's because, I’m really stingy when it comes to my favorite books – I really don’t like loaning them out. Sorry Mom! Another instance is when it’s a series that I’m crazy about and I LOVE the cover.  So, I end up buying the hard copy which prompts me to continue buying the other books in the series. Also, Let me just point out that I don’t like my bookshelf looking mismatched. There are several other reasons for me picking one over the other but in the end, both formats work for me.

Whether you have to have that paper copy in your hands or you just love the convenience of an eBook, I think each format will continue to benefit the masses.

So, which do you prefer?


Winner will receive $15 gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles
Rules: 1 Winner! Must comment to be eligible.

Please fill out this FORM!

Contest ends @ 11:59pm (CST) August 15, 2011. US & Canadian Residents only.


  1. I'm not sure that I have a true preference at this point either. There is definitely the portability aspect of eBooks--a major bonus for someone who likes to carry at least one book everywhere! Price and cover are definitely major factors in my format decision. The price because I honestly generally refuse to purchase an eBook that costs more that $9.99 or if the physical book is less expensive than the eBook. If the cover is beautiful, then I must own the physical book. Also, if I bought the first book in a series in a certain format, then I'm likely to continue to buy the rest of the series in that format.

  2. @Jessi - I totally agree with you. If I started the series in hard copy, then I will continue to buy them in that format. Books with Beautiful covers is a must too. Like Hush, Hush, Fallen, TMI, etc.

  3. Hard copies for me all the way. I have this obsession with owning all my books so that I'm able to open them anytime and admire the nice pages..or something along those lines. I love looking at a full shelf of books lovingly arranged on my bookcases. :]

  4. Like Jessi, I also don't have an undeniable preference. I have a Kindle, but I also purchase print books if I'm at a book signing. I like the portability of a Kindle--so many books on one device. Also, so many ebooks are cheap! But sometimes they aren't. I saw a used copy of a book for $3 while the ebook price was $10!

  5. I do have a kindle, but I still prefer Hardcopy. There's nothing like being able to knock out books that you've read off your shelf. It's so much more satisfying.

  6. @Blissfulrains - I love looking at my bookshelf too. I just continue to run out of space. lol

    @LinWash - I hear ya. I will not buy an ebook over 9.99. I'll get the book instead because it's cheaper.

    @Vivien - I have so many books on my bookshelf to read. I've read just about all of my ebooks on my ipad (kindle). I guess 4 me, it's just easier 2 read eBooks.

  7. Hard copies are the only way for me. I love to browse my library, feel the book in my hands. I love the smell. I love to carry them with me, surround myself with them, collect them. I can NOT read a book on a computer or a gadget. I never will. If I'm being honest, I will not read a book even if it's a part of a series if it's only available as an ebook. I hate the trend, and as much influence ebooks have on the market, there will always be a good number of us who resist.

  8. My e-reader uses E Ink technology, so there's no eyestrain. Plus, I can change the size of the font, which is a huge plus.

    I still prefer hard copy books, though. That's what I grew up with, so they'll probably always be my favourite.

  9. I don't have an e-reader yet...but I am seriously considering it. i think it would complement my hard copy reading though...not supercede it!

  10. I have an ereader but I prefer hardback books!

  11. I like to use my e-reader for series and books that I really enjoy but don't entirely adore. Books I absolutely love are usually the ones I'll buy in print (with exception for books I buy for signings!)...I guess my preference is pretty equal both ways, it just depends on the book!

  12. I vastly prefer hard copies. The only time I like ebooks is when the author releases a short novella like story as an ebook that fits into a series. It's understandable to do it this way, and this often allows it to be free to readers. They're usually a fun way to get a different look at the series, maybe from a different point of view, while you wait for the next book to be released. Otherwise, reading an ebook just doesn't feel like really reading to me. The experience is very different and just isn't as enjoyable for me.

  13. I view e-books the same way I do paperbacks. There are books that I've already read in paperbacks that I buy hardcopies of because I love them and want to "save" them. Books that I would've waited until the paperback for, I'd consider buying ebook versions.

  14. I LOVE eBooks. It's my preferred method of reading (on my Kindle).

    However, I do have cravings of flipping pages, getting that "feeling" of the pages running out (dots or location numbers just aren't the samething!).

    But ebooks have lots of things print books don't such as built in dictionary, accessibility, portability, and more.

    Great topic!

  15. I prefer print. But I do see and read ebooks for the advantages they provide. They are more convenient when traveling. But I cant see myself ever giving up print.

  16. I prefer actual print copies, I love that ebooks are cheap and they are very convenient. But for some reasons I just don't get that sense of accomplishment when I finish an ebook.

  17. My preference is usually hard copy books. I just love feeling, looking at, and even sometimes smelling a book. I also prefer flipping actual pages to the buttons on my Kindle. I love my Kindle, don't get me wrong, but I still prefer hard copies. They look amazing on your shelf (if you have space...which I'll be honest, I don't anymore), and you can lend them out, which I like too. I'm picky about borrowing my books, but at the same time I really want to share them with my friends so we can talk about them, and I would never lend one of them my actual Kindle, and since they don't have ereaders and Canada doesn't have lending for Kindle anyways(at least I'm pretty sure we don't :P), I can't lend with ebooks. I do love being able to download a book right away and read it though, you're never left hanging if a book is already out. :)
    That being said, some ebooks are ridiculously priced. I saw an ebook that was over $20 the other day. It was for Amazon's Kindle Store, so I'm not surprised it wasn't cheap...but it was ridiculous! I'm of the mindset that if I can't get it for cheaper in ebook form than I can in hard copy, I won't download it, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that. ;P

    Awesome topic, Tina! :D

  18. I'm a hard copy fan. When I get too many books I either bookcross them or buy some more bookshelves. I love the idea of taking less weight of books on holiday, but I think I'd miss the opportunity to do wild release to much.

  19. I really prefer hardcovers. I'm trying to get more into e-reading, but I just have so many books. I do love the idea of e-readers and maybe if I traveled more I'd put more feeling behind them. But for now.. really prefer print books.

  20. I'm a hardcover Girl. Always have and probably always will.

    When I read an e-book I feel like I'm cheating on my books O.O

    I LOVE my books, I love seeing them in my shelf and I also love I can mark the pages I love most and can actually get them signed...

  21. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer real books. There's just something about the sound of pages turning and looking at the page dent you made in the book while reading in the sun. Plus, it's easier to flip between parts that way, and when sharing it's fun to leave post-it notes for the next reader. You can't really play with eformats.

  22. I prefer the hard copy. there is just no better feeling that having a book in your hands and you can turn the pages. The feel of paper in your hands. I think thats why I try to avoid ebooks. Plus for some reason I can remember more about the books when I have a hard copy than on a ebook.

  23. the form doesn't seem to be working for me.


  24. Hard copy all the way!


  25. Forms is not working for me either.



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