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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sensational 7 Q & A with Mindi Scott (Author of Freefall)!

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to hang out with your favorite author(s)? In an attempt to get a better understanding of authors, my Sensational Seven Q & A takes a closer or more personal look at these authors to give you a glimpse of the personalities behind the writing of your favorite books.

“Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book; a personality which, by birth and quality, is pledged to the doctrines there set forth, and which exists to see and state things so, and not otherwise.” By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Avid lover of sun and hater of rain, Mindi Scott has somehow managed to reside in the Pacific Northwest corner of the U.S. all her life. She currently lives with her drummer husband and four cats near Seattle, Washington. Please visit her online at

FREEFALL, Mindi's debut novel  is in stores today!

If you were given a chance to travel back in time, what year or place would you go / Why?
Sometime in the late-60s. I would have loved, loved, loved to see the Doors in concert!

Describe your novel in seven words or less?
Boy meets girl. Life stops sucking.

Please share with us about your favorite book and fictional crush to date?
My favorite book is MERMAIDS by Patty Dann. My favorite fictional crush is Todd Gaines (played by Timothy Olyphant) from the movie GO.

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be / Why?
Oh! Can I be someone in the Mortal Instruments series? I don't care whom; I just think it would be fun!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play thelead role as you/ Why?
Summer Glau, because she is a ballerina, and a stranger on an elevator recently told me that I look like a ballerina. Ha! Also, because I think she's very cool. :-)

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be – please explain?
WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT. It's from "Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups, which I've decided is sort of my theme song.

How would you describe yourself/life in seven words?
Quirky, introspective, honest, perfectionist, reading/writing girl.


**Is there any additional info you would like to share with your readers about what’s next for you and your books?**
My writing love and passion is for contemporary YA of the dark and emotional persuasion. So I'm writing more of that!

Thanks for stopping by Mindi!

For more information about Mindi Scott and her books, please visit her website here.

Check out the book trailer!


  1. Fun Interview! I'm really excited about this book. I always get excited about authors that live near me.

  2. I love the reason she picked Summer Glau... LOL... Great Q&A!

  3. I awarded you;

  4. This book sounds like a very emotional read! Wonderful interview - loving the fact she picked Summer because she's a ballerina:)

  5. Ahh yay this has finally come out :) I'm so going to buy this :) Loved the interview.

  6. Great interview! I've always liked those lyrics by Silversun Pickups. :) I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

  7. Awe great interview! Loved Mindi's answers, I'm a perfectionist too...sometimes it's a real pain in the butt :P lol
    Thanks for sharing your interview! I'm definitely excited to read Freefall :D

  8. Thanks for the interview. I'd love to be a character in the Mortal Instrument series, too. It would be awesome. I can't wait to read Freefall!

  9. This seems like a beautiful story! I really can't wait to read it! Thanks for the interview :D

  10. Great interview! I can't wait to read Freefall! :)

  11. Great interview! I think going back to the 60s would be fun. I love The Doors.

  12. Great interview! The questions were really fun. I think I would be a character from the Mortal Instruments if I could also.

  13. Great interview! Enjoyed reading it, and the books sound great!!


  14. If I could choose to be a fictional character, I would so be someone in the Mortal Instruments series too! I just finished the first 3 books and they were awesome.

  15. Great interview and the books sounds great, loved the trailer

  16. Boy meets girl. Life stops sucking! LOVE IT!!!!

  17. Awwww, "Boy meets girl. Life stops sucking." I love that!!!! So sweet ^^

  18. Ahaha, cute 7-words-or-less description of your book!
    Mindi sounds like a great person! :)
    Thanks for the interview!

  19. I like the description of her book! This one looks soo good and I've heard good things about it too! Great interview!

  20. I would so want to be a character in the Mortal Instruments too! I'm really excited to read Freefall. Thanks for the interview.

  21. I loved her seven-words-or-less descriptions! Going back to the late 60's? Interesting. lol. Great interview!

    ~Briana :D

  22. Super interview. Like the second Q& A. Love the Emerson quote.

  23. Great interview this book sounds so good can't wait to read it!

  24. Great interview! I think it would be neat to go back and visit or live in the 60's. It seems like it would be a neat time.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  25. I just love your interviews! You always do a super job.
    My favorite part of the interview was her describing her book. This sounds like another great read.


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