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Friday, May 7, 2010

High Before Homeroom by Maya Sloan Book Trailer!

Pub. Date: June 22, 2010
Publisher:Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Format: Paperback, 320pp

Losers, now you can get the bad-boy rep the girls find positively irresistible! Unleash your dark side with the Doug Schaffer plan for drug addiction and rehabilitation! (Kids, don't try this at home.)

At sixteen years old, Doug Schaffer knows two things for sure:

1. He is doomed to live in the shadow of his older brother, Trevor, a former high school football star who is stationed in Iraq.

2. Free-spirited Laurilee, the hot ear-piercing girl at the mall, only dates bad boys.
Cue Doug's foolproof plan to tarnish his own unremarkable reputation. The first step is to develop a drug addiction. His mom's too preoccupied with organizing care packages for Mothers Support Our Troops Northwest Oklahoma City Chapter to stop him. Besides, he just needs to get hooked on meth long enough to come back from rehab a totally different person. Someone people notice.

With the help of Trevor’s strung-out former high-school buddy, drug addict Doug has the confidence that loser Doug never mustered. He stays out all night, scores girls, and stands up for himself. Then Trevor unexpectedly returns home with a dark secret of his own, and everything Doug thought was true is shattered. Soon the brothers find a common ground they never knew they shared as they discover the price of pleasing others is the freedom to be yourself.

Check out this Awesome Book Trailer!


  1. OMG this looks so freaking funny! Off to add it to my wish list!

  2. Great trailer...I'll keep my eyes out for this.

  3. sounds funny and emotional. mind kind of read. I can't turn the sound on right now so I can't watch the trailer, but I do want to read this so thanks for the summary!!


  4. Okay, so based on the title I really wouldn't pick this one up, but you've convinced me. :D

  5. This screws with my head a little, b/c the book description is dark and a little uncomfortable, but the trailer looks pretty funny.

    I do have to say: I'm not sure I buy into any kid developing a meth habit just to get a girl's attention. I'll have to wait and hear more about this one. Definitely a good trailer, though!

  6. I'm not big into book trailers, but this one does look good.

  7. This is a brilliant premise! Great book trailer.

  8. We made this short documentary about Maya...


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