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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Win A Match Made in High School Prize Pack by Kristin Walker!

**Contest Closed**

This is your chance to Win...
Prize Pack includes:
  • A Match Made in High School (signed) by Kristin Waker
  • shirt
  • megaphone
  • bookmarks
  • pencils
  • engagement ring
  • gum
  • Post-it matchbook

Rules: 1 Winner! Bonus Entry worth additional +5 entries : Tell me about a prank that you were the victor/victim/witness of.

1. Comment on Interview here: +1
2. Comment on Review here: +1
3. Link to blog: +1
4. Follow me on Twitter +1
5. Follower : +2

Total = 11 entries

Contest ends @ midnight (CST) February 19, 2010. U.S. & Canada Residents Only (Sorry!)
**If you are an international resident and have someone in the states that I could mail the prize to, then you can enter the contest**


  1. I'm a follower!!!

    And a prank that I have participated in is that for our homecoming assembly, my class decided to roll a HUGE giant banner over the whole class and we are not allowed to do this because past classes have tried this and ended up in trouble so the person who started it told me about it and to get others who would be helpful in on it. It was a beautiful success I would say.


  2. +1 comment on review
    +1 sidebar:
    +1 follow on twitter as @raycee3
    +2 follower of blog

    +5 bonus: When I was in high school some guys caught a possum and stuck it in a kid's locker. If you have ever seen a mad is a scary sight. It causes quite a screaming ordeal when it got let loose in the halls! Obviously I grew up in the middle of nowhere so they are readily available!


  3. +2 I'm a follower
    +1 follow on twitter


  4. +2 I am a follower :)

    +5: Okay, this prank isn't very funny, but it's all I've got. Once, my entire English class hid in the science lab. Soon, the English teacher had a search party going for us. It was pretty cramped in the space where we were hiding, and a cactus toppled over and fell on a girl. She squealed and we were soon forced to return to the torture that is AP English. Fail.

  5. From the interview and the review, this sounds like an awesome book, and I would love to win!

    I commented on the interview: +1.

    I commented on the review: +1.

    I follow you on Twitter: +1.

    And I follow you on Google blogs: +2.

    Total= 5

  6. Forgot to leave me email:


  7. I would love to be entered.

    +2 blog follower
    +1 twitter follower: katieb206

  8. +1 comment on interview
    +1 comment on review
    +1 follow you on twitter: @JYTBB
    +2 follower

    +5 So, my prank is kind of gross. In the 7th or 8th grade a couple of my friends and I decided it would be flat out hilarious to stick maxi pads in our guy friends lockers. And we even wrote messages on them in red marker. The best reaction was our friend Jason who's locker was right next to mine and I will never forget this odd shriek that came out of his mouth followed by a WTF! and the pad flying through the air and landing in the middle of the hallway because he ripped it off.

    Hey, I warned you it was kind of gross, lol


  9. Count me in please

    +2 follower

    +1 follow on twitter @throuthehaze

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  10. +1Commented on Interview
    +1Commented on Review
    +1 Follow me on Twitter (vanpham88)
    +2 Follower
    total: +5

    thanks for the giveaway!


  11. +1 comment on review
    +1 blogroll!
    +1 follow on twitter as @kailiasage
    +2 follower of blog

    +5 it' not really funny the 8th grade, my health teacher wasn't in the classroom so me and my friends decided to change her room around: we closed her laptop, moved a few books, etc. She came in and noticed we were all quiet and she asked us why. we said it was nothing. we kept looking at each other b/c she asked what was wrong and we told her something was different in her room. it took her forever to realize what it was and she didn't even figure all of them out!


  12. +5 Well it's not really a damaging
    prank but when my daughter
    turned 16 a bunch of kids came
    over and filled her car with
    balloons and wrapped ribbon
    around it. We had to clean it
    out and get all the ribbon off
    before she could take her
    drivers test.

    +1 Commented on interview
    +1 Commented on review
    +2 Blog Follower

    seriousreader at live dot com

  13. +1 Comment on Review
    +1 Twitter follower (@nikkinizzle)
    +2 Blog follower

    +5 Well a few friends and I had the brilliant idea of saran wrapping my friends car the night before his birthday. Let's just say that he was really late for his classes the next day, haha.

    Great giveaway!
    book.izzle [at] yahoo [dot] com

  14. Awesome contest. :)

    +1 linked on my sidebar
    +2 follower

    eclecticdahlia [at] aol [dot] com

  15. This sounds so cute. I definetly want to read this!

    +1 Comment on Interview here
    +1Comment on Review here
    +1 Link to blog(blogroll)
    +1 Follow me on Twitter- bookluver09
    +2 Follower

    +5 I was usually on the getting pranked end when in junior high. My whole homeroom was in on the joke. My two best friends told me they were going to a concert where my 2 favorite bands were playing, I totally wanted to go and at the end of the day they told me I'd been punked.

  16. a prank i was a victim of... oh boy.

    ok so in our family we have this "thing" for fake bugs. we'd hide fake bugs around to scare each other. my mom had put a plastic centipede in daddy's lunch box one day. on a whim he decided to check it the night before. when he saw it he freaked... and i was the one who laughed. he thought i put it in there.

    so that night i went to bed and i heard this "kunk kunk" sound. i looked up and my flower pot (with dear antlers inside--don't ask about that story) was moving. across. the. dresser. i knew it had a hole in the bottom of it, so i thought there was a huge but inside the flower pot moving it... so i ran out of my room SCREAMING bloody murder... and ran straight into my dad, who had a string in his hands... and had been pulling the antlers and the flower pot from outside my door. i was so mad at him... then he found out it hadn't been me who put the centipede in his lunch. he felt awful.

    +5 that long story ;)
    +1 retweeted
    +1 follow you on twitter
    +2 old follower

  17. 1. Comment on Review; check!: +1
    2. Comment on Interview; check!: +1
    3. Link to blog: +1
    4. N/A
    5. Follower; check! : +2

    zombiegirrrl21 AT aol

  18. +5 I feel like I entered this contest already, so sorry if that's true!

    I played a prank on two of my friends a couple years ago. I invented a boyfriend and told them all about what he looked like, what he was interested in, and how we met. They totally bought it! Eventually someone I had told the truth to slipped up and they found out, but it was quite amusing while it lasted.

    Follower: +2
    Follow on twitter: +1
    You're on my blogroll: +1

    Thanks for the contest! This book looks really cute.

    Total: +9

    Email: aqtbenz[at]hotmail[dot]com


  19. I'd love to be entered for this one..

    +2 follow on google friend connect.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com


    Please enter me in the giveaway.

    Commented on Interview +1
    Commented on Review +1
    Follow you on Twitter +1
    Follower +2

    Bonus Entry

    I once put red Kool-Aid in the shower head and turned my roommate red for two weeks LOL.......

  21. Count me in!


    +1 Twitter follower
    +2 Blog follower
    +5 I once put Orajel on my roommate's toothbrush... pretty funny watching her mouth go numb.

  22. Please enter me!

    +1 twitter follower (squiggles87)
    +2 blog follower
    +5 Once I put a rubberband on the sprayer on the sink so when my mom turned on the faucet, she got sprayed.


  23. Comment on Interview here: +1
    Comment on Review here: +1
    Follow me on Twitter +1
    Follower : +2

    +5 When I was a freshman in high school and I made the varsity soccer team I got woken up at 5 in the morning on a saturday and dressed up ridiculously (not my choice, but it was really horrible), and a sign was pasted to me back about making the team then we were taken out to dinner and shopping for the morning. It was very embarassing, but when I see the pictures now it's funny.

    Total = 11 entries


  24. Link to blog: +1
    Follow me on Twitter +1
    Follower : +2

    My next door neighbor is terrified of Styrofoam. (weird I know) So we put Styrofoam all over his door nobs. He had to have somebody come and open the door for him. +5

    Total: 9

  25. follower +2

    Put syran wrap over toilet seat-- +5

  26. What a wonderful prize pack, please count me in!

    +1 Linked on sidebar:

    +1 Twitter follower (thegoodgonegirl)

    +2 Follower

    +5 I witnessed a prank once when a guy put a lizard's tail into his girlfriend's bag. She forgave him and they're still together. XD

    Anna ♥

  27. That's a fabulous prize pack!

    +1 Comment on review
    +1 Comment on interview
    +2 Follower
    +5 Prank story

    A guy fell asleep in math class once, so the teacher had his classmates leave and filled the desks with the class I was in. He then woke the guy up and told him he'd missed a period.

    inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com

  28. +5 When I was a freshmen in college my friend and I would have scarring contests and try and jump out and scare each other. He always got me and said I would never catch him off guard. One night I waited from him to leave his room and then I slid under his bed and waited for him. He came in and sat and started to take off his shoes...I reached out my hand and grabbed his ankle and he jumped up and shrieked! It was amazing!!!

    +1 Commented on Interview
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    +1 Twitter Follower
    +2 Follower

    emily DOT wittenberg

  29. +1 sidebar

    +2 follower

    two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

  30. +1 comment on review
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    +2 follower

  31. +1 comment on interview
    +1 comment on review
    +1 link to blog:
    +1 follow on Twitter: @TheEagerReaders
    +2 follower
    +5 prank story:
    As a high school student touring the Berkeley campus with my dad, we spent some time checking out the University's bookstore. While browsing, my prankster dad noticed one of those little stick-on security tabs laying on the floor (the stickers you find on books or cd's that set off the alarm if they haven't been demagnetized). While I wasn't looking, he picked it up & stuck it inside the packet of free flyers we'd gathered around the campus. On our way toward the exit, he passed the stack of flyers to me and headed out the door a few steps ahead of me. Of course, I set off the alarm & one of the cashiers asked me to step back to the counter. My dad had disappeared out the door & did not even turn around to look when the alarm sounded, so I was alone & totally embarrassed. It was pretty obvious that I wasn't carrying anything other than a handful of pamphlets, so the cashier sent me on my way. The alarm sounded again as I began to walk out & this time when I turned around to send a baffled & embarrassed look toward the cashiers, one of the college guys in line jokingly said "Make a run for it! We'll tackle them if they try to come after you." Color me MORTIFIED! When I caught up with my dad outside & explained what had happened, he was the picture of amused innocence as he took the flyers from me & opened one up to reveal the security tag.

    Total = 11 entries

  32. I would LOVE to win this!
    Thankyou!! :D:D:D
    2+ old follower


  33. +1 Commented on interview
    +1 Commented on review
    +2 Follower


  34. +2 follower
    +1 follow on twitter (justkeepreading)

    +5 When I was like in middle school I was home alone with one friend. We were watching tv when we both realized a light in the hallway went off. We were kinda scared but not much. Then we heard a noise in the back of the house. We tore out of the house and stood on the sidewalk in front of it. Slowly we watched all the lights in my house go out. We were completely freaked out! Then my sister walks up and asks what is going on. I'm telling her in a panic. Well she starts laughing. She had snuck in the back door and was the one turning off the lights. I was soooo mad!

  35. I'd love to enter this contest!

    +5 When I was in primary school, I put a lizard in the teacher's drawer. When she opened it, she screamed loudly and fall off her chair.

    +1 Twitter follower @aikchien

    +2 I'm a follower.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  36. +2-follower
    +1-Twitter follower (@emma015)
    +1-commented on review
    +1-commented on interview
    +5-I have a friend who put on fake ad through Craigslist asking for Clowns and put another friends phone number down. He had people calling him all the time wanting to be a clown for his "party"

    findjessyhere at gmail dot com

  37. Please count me in.
    +5 When I was in the 8th grade, some of the guys would play a prank on our Social Studies teacher. He was really short and they would hide all the chalk on TOP of the blackboard. The teacher couldn't reach it and had to climb on a chair to get to it. They were so mean.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  38. I'd love to be entered in your draw.

    I once saw someone prank a friend by blowing sneezing powder in the air and then watched his friends sneeze.

    I commented on the interview.

    I commented on the review.

    I am a follower of your blog.


  39. Awesome contest! Thanks for the opportunity.

    +1 Comment on interview
    +1 Comment on review
    +1 Tweeted @wastepaperprose
    Blog sidebar:
    +1 Twitter follower
    +2 Blog Follower

    +5 I was a competitive ice skater for years and have a birth defect that caused my fingers to not form fully in the womb. One day at the rink, a snooty girl who treated me very poorly slammed into me and knocked me down on the ice. When she stopped to check on me, much to my surprise, I held up once of my hands and screamed, "What did you do?" The look on her face was priceless, and, while it was mean, I felt like she got her comeuppance.

    Total = 11

  40. I follow your blog (+2)

    (+5) In high school, my criminal justice teacher asked me to bring in one of my hissing cockroaches so that he could see it. We found out one guy got creeped out by it so when we left for our half -through-class break we decided to put the roach in his desk so he'd reach in and touch it and hopefully scream like a girl. Instead he laid his head at the edge and got a nice loud hiss from it. He did screamed and nearly toppled over backwards in his chair. It was pretty hilarious


  41. +1 twitter
    +2 follower

    faked_sugartone at hotmail

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. I've had my eye on this book for a while, I'd love to win :)

    +1 twitter (@soriveting)
    +2 follower
    +1 review

    +5 prank
    So, homecoming at my school is a major rivalry... amongst our own school. True, we all talk up how we're going to defeat our opponents, but each grade has it's own rivalry with every other grade. Most particularly, juniors and seniors.
    My junior year, there were rumors that the seniors had all brought in water guns and silly spray to use on us during the pep rally.
    So, we spent our lunch hours filling up water ballons we'd come across in the supply closets, shoving them in everyone's backpacks.
    Before the pep rally started,administration threatened to cancel the dance if we threw anything with water in it (they love their gym floors too much to have water damage)
    So, juniors tucked away the backpacks.
    Halfway through the pep rally, the seniors attacked us with water guns, filled with dyed water and vinegar.
    We, of course, retaliated with our water ballons and silly spray, making a complete mess of the gym.
    The dance wasn't canceled, but my senior year we had to do a lot of butt-kissing to earn back homecoming.

    +9 total

  44. +5 One night at a very late hour my husband and I herd a knock on the door. We opened up the door to find a rooster tied to the door knob which pulled him into the house when we opened the door. Roosters make the most horrible noise when they are mad. The prankers were the boys that my husband coaches for basketball. Luckily feathers vaccuum up pretty fast!
    +1 Interview
    +1 Review
    +1 Blog
    +2 Follower
    Thanks for offering such a great contest!

  45. Sorry I forgot my email!

  46. 1. Comment on Interview: +1
    2. Comment on Review: +1
    3. Link to blog: +1 (sidebar)
    5. Follower : +2
    +5: Lol, one of my friends decided to put a farting bag on my conductor's seat and right when he sat down and was about to begin in total silence, he "farted"

  47. +2 Follow
    +1 Follow Twitter:
    +5 Me and this kid locked my sister in the boys bathroom at my moms wedding when we were 8. It was so funny

  48. 1. Comment on Interview here: +1
    2. Comment on Review here: +1
    5. Follower : +2


  49. Comment on Interview: +1
    Comment on Review: +1
    Link to blog (Tweet! Tweet!): +1
    Follow me on Twitter +1
    ID: @NancyeDavis
    Follower : +2

    Prank +5: When I was in high school we "borrowed" a frog from the biology lab. We wrapped it up in a paper towel. Then we hid it in the cabinet thingy where the fire extinguisher. It was there the WHOLE school year!!! Not sure when the little "present" was found, or who found it, but I bet it VERY unpleasant!!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

    Total: +11


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