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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog Tour: Valentine With Bite! Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey

Today, I have the privilege of sitting down to chat with the characters of Alyxandra Harvey's Hearts at Stake.

ALYXANDRA HARVEY studied creative writing and literature at York University and has had her poetry published in several magazines. When not writing, she is a belly dancer and jewelrymaker. She lives in Ontario, with her husband, hawk, and two dogs. Websites:

Helena can you please introduce your sons to the readers for those of us who are a bit confused on their ages?
Sebastian, 23. He's the eldest and is spending most of his time patrolling lately.

Marcus, 22. He has a scientific bent and is starting to disappear into Geoffrey's lab. I should probably worry. Geoffrey has a habit of blowing things up.

Duncan, 21. He is very private.

Quinn, 19, twin. I worry some girl is going to stake him. He's far too enamored with a pretty face. Definitely the "bad boy" of the bunch.

Connor, 19, twin. Connor prefers to stay in the background and he's brilliant with computers. Has a few too many posters of Amazons and space princesses in metal bras, but I'll overlook it.

Logan, 18. He's my charming boy, born in the wrong century.

Nicholas, 17. Such a serious one. He worries over Solange and Lucy. The most stubborn of my boys, I think, besides Sebastian.

So Solange, how do you feel about being in a house with 7 brothers what annoys you the most about them?
All I can say is thank God they live in the attic. If I had to share a bathroom with them, things would get desperate!

Solange, what were you most afraid of or looking forward to about your transformation?
I'm scared I might not survive it, or that I might not be "me" if I do come through it okay. Mostly, I'm just scared one of my brothers will do something stupidly heroic to protect me and get himself staked.

On the hand, I'll be glad I'm not the only human left in the house. And to have the supernatural strength to take on those bounty hunters and assassins myself!

Nicholas, if you don’t mind answering this question, what do you like best about Lucy?
No comment. Seriously. One of my brothers might read this and then I'll never hear the end of it!

So Logan, we hear that you’re the star in Blood Feud, can you tell us anything more?
Getting mud and blood out of a frock coat is not easy! Those things are expensive. Also, French girls are hot.

Mr. & Mrs. Drake how do you cope with the dangers surrounding your kids especially with the latest turn of events in Hearts at Stake?
Liam Drake: Along with extensive security personnel, we teach them to be careful and look after each other. And to seek out compromise instead of leaping into every fight without looking.

Helena Drake: Speak for yourself, sweetheart. I taught them a clean right hook and fourteen ways to kill a feral vampire with a wooden chopstick.

Quinn, some readers tend to think of you as the “bad boy” of the group, are they correct in assuming this?
Hell, yeah! What's the point of being a vampire if you can't have a little fun? And girls these days really like vampires. Just saying.

Hyacinth, what do you find the most difficult about assimilating into today's modern world?
There isn't a decent cup of tea to be had for miles. And I daily lament the tragedy of curtsying and bowing being out of fashion. It's such a civilized greeting. And in my day we had household servants in bloodthrall. It did make things easier. I understand it's frowned upon now. Pity.

This question is for anyone of the brothers - what’s your status on dating human girls?
Logan: Don't. It's too complicated and dangerous.

Nicholas: It's not without its pitfalls. But some girls are just worth it.

Quinn: Girls are hot. Vampire, human, whatever.

Connor: My twin brother Quinn doesn't make it easy. When he was fifteen, before his bloodchange, he used to break up with girls and leave me with the clean up. He never told them he was a twin so I was the one they yelled at when they saw me in town, minding my own business!

Quinn: I don't do that anymore! Dude, you'll scare them away.

This question can be answered by anyone, do you have any future plans that you would like to share with your readers?
Solange: I am not about to let anyone else in my family get hurt because of this stupid prophecy. Just as soon as I get this bloodchange and bloodlust under control, I'm kicking some butt!

Thanks Alyx!

For more information about Alyxandra Harvey and her books, please visit here website here.


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