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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Author Interview: Victoria Hanley

Victoria Hanley's latest novel Violet Wings is scheduled to be released August 25, 2009. Some of her other works include The Light of the Oracle, The Healer's Keep and The Seer and the Sword. Victoria has graciously agreed to answer some questions about her latest novel.

What was your inspiration behind Violet Wings and how is it different from your other books?
For me, a novel always begins by listening to a strong character who lives in my imagination. So you could say that the main character in Violet Wings, Zaria Tourmaline, inspired me to write her story. It’s a big change from my other books: it takes place in a different fantasy realm; it’s written in first person; and the characters are age 14 rather than 16 – 18.

With all the Fairy Novels out today, what makes Violet Wings stand out?
Unique characters and situations. Also, Violet Wings is written from the perspective of a powerful young fairy living in Feyland. She visits Earth, but the main action of the novel takes place on her world of Tirfeyne.

Did you do any research for Violet Wings/What was the process like?
Beyond consulting my imaginary friends, the research I did involved things like looking up the characteristics of laser guns. It’s always fun to listen to fairies and genies tell me about their world, and search engines make researching earthly stuff pretty easy.

Can you tell us your favorite Fantasy Author, Book and Movie?
Because I spend so much time in my own fantasy worlds, I usually read genres other than fantasy. But three fantasy authors I enjoy are Garth Nix, Dia Calhoun, and Carol Berg. I loved all three Lord of the Rings movies.

Can you share a little teaser with us from Violet Wings?
Orphaned fairy Zaria Tourmaline suffers from having a mind of her own. Although she tries to be a good fairy, her quest to find out what really killed her parents leads her to break the laws of Feyland again and again, putting herself and her friends into the path of perils she didn’t even know existed. You can read the prologue at And there are a couple of genie historian notes posted at:

What other projects are you currently working on?
I’m writing the sequel to Violet Wings. The working title is Indigo Bottle.

Can you tell the readers something we don’t know about you?
I used to teach human anatomy. I drink vats of tea and play too much Free Cell. Sometimes I’m a real pro at crastination.

Would you like to add any additional information about your books?
It’s so exciting to have a new series coming out! And whoever you are reading this, I hope your dearest wishes are granted.

Thanks Victoria!

For more information about Victoria Hanley and her books, please visit her website here.


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  6. Haha! Victoria sounds like a fun and funny person. I like that she's created a fantasy world separate from earth (rather than the usual tale of discovering a faerie part of earth or faerie creatures ON earth). And the fact that there's a sequel! More reading...yay! Thanks for a great interview!

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    Lovely interview.

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