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Author Interview: Suzanne Selfors

Suzanne Selfors is the author of Saving Juliet as well as several middle-grade fantasies Fortune's Magic Farm and To Catch A Mermaid. Coffeehouse Angel - a romantic comedy is her latest novel and is in stores today.

Where did you find the original impulse to write Coffeehouse Angel?
I spend a lot of time in coffeehouses writing and I have a particular favorite called Hot Shots Java in Poulsbo, WA. If you visit my website, http://www.suzanneselfors.com/, you can see photos of Poulsbo, which I transformed into the town of Nordby for my book. Anyway, Katrina popped into my head one day. I originally called the book, Coffeehouse Girl. I couldn't stop thinking about Katrina. That's what usually happens. I see a character and that character hangs out in my head until I write a story for him/her.

Coffeehouse Angel is your 4th book. Does the writing process get any easier from one to another?
HA! It should, shouldn't it? You'd think it would be like a formula or something. But each book is different. Some flow like iced tea, some boil over and make a huge mess.

Writers will often describe a reading experience that made them want to put the book down and go start writing immediately. What authors have inspired you in that way?
I'm a huge Roald Dahl fan. Adore his stories. My middle grade novels are hugely influenced by his work.

In high school I read this series by Mervyn Peake called The Gormenghast Trilogy. It's brilliant. A very, very difficult read but that story made me want to write. No doubt about it.

What was the last book you read that really surprised you?
I hate it when you can predict the ending. Though my readers most likely know that my stories will end happily, I try really hard to throw in a few unexpected twists. I just finished Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins. She took me down some very unexpected paths.

Do you see yourself writing more books like Coffeehouse Angel?
Well, I hope that I will continue to have the opportunity to write YA. I'm working on one now, which will be released next year. It's another girl-meets-otherworldly guy story. A romantic comedy. It's difficult writing in the middle of summer but I'm doing it.

What are you working on now?
Your readers might not know that I also write middle grade novels. Actually, I think they're for all ages. My next comes out in May, 2010, and it's called Smells Like Dog.

So far, what has been the most surprising response to your book?
Well, I'm getting lots of blog attention. My first YA book, Saving Juliet, built very slowly and didn't get many blog reviews. So it's nice to see that Coffeehouse Angel is making the rounds. I would have loved to have had a review website when I was a teen.

It's a great cover, don't you think?

I'm trying to get in touch with the girl who modeled for the cover. Her modeling agency has gone out of business and we can't find her. If anyone knows who she is, please contact me through my website.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?
I love hearing from my readers and I always respond to emails. Many readers don't know this, but writing reviews on websites like amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com is very helpful. I wish them a summer filled with great stories. Keep reading!

Thanks Suzanne!

For more information about Suzanne and her books, please visit her website here. You can also sign up for her mailing list by visiting her site.


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  2. Nice review! I really want to read both of Selfors's YA books.

  3. I really want to read Coffeehouse Angel! Suzanne seems so nice.


  4. I am going to have to get this book for my library and her other books they sound just perfect for alot of my YA readers that like romance with a touch of supernatural or vice versa.I was also looking at your cover of the week and your just reading LOVE both of them.Do you find yourself picking up books because the cover caught your eye?I know I do and am rarely disappointed.

  5. Awesome that Washington State (and Poulsbo) are getting love! I grew up near there, and it's fun to see it featured, if indirectly. I'll have to check out that coffee shop!

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  7. She seems great! I love her honesty. I've read Saving Juliet by her and loved it and can't wait to read Coffeehouse Angel!

  8. Great interview! I haven't read any of her books yet but they look great! :)

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  10. Nice interview! I've heard a lot of great stuff about Suzanne's latest book!

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  14. I think this review makes me want to read Coffeehouse Angel a little more that just seeing it on blog reviews.

  15. Very nice interview! I've been hearing lots of good things about Coffeehouse Angel.

  16. I love interviews with authors, mainly because I am always interested in what they have to say. Plus, it always fascinates me about the story behind a book and how it developed.

  17. Great interview and it's nice to know in a way that even established authors have to really work at getting a book onto paper -- makes me feel better about my own struggles to write :-)

  18. Shawna Lewis

    How cool that a story in High School made her want to be a writer
    Thanks for the interview

  19. I love that you asked her what book really surprised her. What a great question.

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  21. blair lewis

    Your interview was wonderful thanks so much I like how she liked R. Dahl in school I like him also.

  22. Suzanne Selfors seems like a really down-to-earth author and the book seems like a really good read. I'd love to win. ^.^

    candace davis

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  25. I love reading author interviews, because it allows readers to relate more to the author. For example, I love Roald Dahl (he was one of my favorite authors when I was in grade school). Thanks for the interesting interview

  26. I wonder if it was hard for her to change her books to appeal to older kids.

  27. Oh that sucks that you can not get a hold of the cover model, it's weird ... if I was a model I would be checking up on everything I was on. ;) Good luck finding her!


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