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Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Pub. Date: May 2009
Series: Generation Dead Series, #2

The phenomenon that's been sweeping the country seems to be here to stay. Not only are the teenagers who have come back from their graves still here, but newlydeads are being unearthed all the time. While scientists look for answers and politicians take their stands, the undead population of Oakville have banded together in a group they're calling the Sons of Romero, hoping to find solidarity in segregation.

Phoebe Kendall may be alive, but she feels just as lost and alone as her dead friends. Just when she reconciled herself to having feelings for a zombie — her Homecoming date Tommy Williams — her friend Adam is murdered taking a bullet that was meant for her. Things get even more confusing when Adam comes back from the grave. Now she has romantic interest in two dead boys; one who saved her life, and one she can't seem to live without.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kiss of Life. I finally got to see inside the differently biotic’s head and the struggles that they endured. Through their point of view you see the frustrations of how it is just to function normally – movement and language was a test of wills. It was through love and commitment that they were able to bring some normality to their lives.

I know some readers didn’t care too much for Kiss of Life but I’m not really sure of the reasons. I can only suspect that one of the reasons was probably the differently biotic’s point of view. If this was the case, in a way I can understand that but I look at it as the glass being half full or half empty so to say. Although it may have been frustrating reading their point of view because you’re not use the writing style, I acknowledged the frustration of reading the zombies POV as understanding exactly the thought processes and what they’re feeling in trying to function in the world and not having to be so dependent on others. So, imagine if you had broken you legs or fingers or if you knew someone who had a stroke and was paralyzed due to it, they would have to relearn how to walk and talk again through physical therapy and the support of loved ones. I can totally relate to this and how frustrating it would be. They want to matter and not feel irrelevant and codependent and it’s through their struggles that I can respect what Daniel Waters was trying to accomplish by taking a different route in this book. That’s just my opinion.

In this installment the crew is continuing to fight for the rights of the living impaired and point out the monstrosities that were committed against them. This is a story of Hope, Love, Friendship and Fairness and Justice for all. I enjoyed seeing the friendships build between the trads and differently biotic and how it impacted them in positive ways. What can I say Love conquers all!

I’m highly anticipating the next installment due to the events that took place at the end of the book. I have to know what’s going to happen next.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


  1. I'm so excited to read this. Roll on July!

  2. I can't wait to read this either. Great review - thanks!

  3. I thought it was ok. I thought the zombie POV stuff was innovative, but I didn't enjoy reading it much.


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